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Subject: Slick Willie's Tunnel * Robot Guides Museum Visitors, Crushes Heads * Hirst's Shark Factory * Pearls and Girls * Feast From The East * Posset Pots And Glass Harmonicas * $4 Surplus Sub
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Date:Wed, 22 Mar 2006 18:47:02 +1200

Welcome back to GLOBAL MUSEUM, your award-winning & free webzine compendium, read weekly by 7,400 readers in more than 110 countries *** "As far as I am concerned it is the best source for museum professionals in search of employment " *** Free Online subscription. The international headlines (FOR THE FULL STORY VISIT THE WEBZINE at this address and click on the NEWS button) in this week's edition include: ** Robot Guides Museum Visitors, Crushes Heads While this robot is designed to guide museum visitors around the Agrigento Regional Archaeological Museum, other robots will be programmed to guard archaeological sites from grave robbers ** Long-delayed Acropolis museum to open in 2007 After years of delays, legal wrangles and cost overruns, Greece hopes to open its Acropolis Museum by the end of 2007 ** Slick Willie's 1945 Prison Escape Tunnel Found A secret tunnel that led 12 prisoners to freedom 61 years ago has been located and filmed by archaeologists at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site ** Museum dishes up 1,200-year history of Kyoto cuisine The 1,200-year history, recipes and charms of Kyoto cuisine are being showcased in more than 90 exhibits, including wax reproductions, documents and images, at the Museum of Kyoto in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto ** Electronic tags plan for valuable sculptures High-tech tracking devices may be fitted to several of Henry Moore's most famous outdoor works in the south west of Scotland following the theft of two of the artist's sculptures in recent months ** Hirst earns 2m at the shark factory Damien Hirst is to earn 24m by turning out versions of the works that made his name in the 1990s as the leader of the Young British Artist movement ________________________________________________________________ **** GREAT FARES & DEALS FOR 2006! **** MUSEUM-TRAVELLER.COM - Global Museum's Travel Service For Business and Pleasure - the leading provider of online museum travel, established in 1998. 40,000 in over 8,000 cities worldwide. Discounts up to 65% off. Rooms for sold-out dates. Group Reservations. CLICK HERE Airfares, Car Rentals, Accommodation, Destination Guides, Condo's and Cruises! Provider is a member of I.A.T.A. ________________________________________________________________ ** Museums find an unlikely ally: The cellphone Museums across the country, once averse to noisy cellphones, are suddenly encouraging their use. In the past year, about a dozen art institutions - including museums in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Calif., Tacoma, Wash., Minneapolis and Greenwich, Conn. - have begun offering cellphone tours, mostly for free ** Pearls and girls are best friends, too Webb believes pearls are among the oldest forms of jewellery, along with shells and seeds ** Michelangelo demand beats museum's peak The British Museum has already taken up to 11,000 advance bookings for the show, trebling the record 3,670 advance tickets it sold for its Persia exhibition last year ** Top Dutch museum opening delayed Culture minister Reny van der Laan told the Dutch parliament security measures were reviewed in the light of recent art thefts at several other museums ** Ancient Sarcophagus Unearthed in Cyprus A 2,500-year-old sarcophagus with vivid colour illustrations from Homer's epics has been discovered in western Cyprus ** Historians Discover Children's Menu On Back Of U.S. Constitution Until now, scholars had focused on the elegant calligraphy on the Constitution's front, entirely overlooking the reverse side, which features two columns of fancifully named menu items, such as Yankee Doodle Macaroni, Jumpin' Johnnycakes, and Eagle Fingers ** Feast From The East All that must be what gave an earlier edition of this survey, shown last year at the Tokyo National Museum, the highest daily attendance of any exhibition in the world, according to the Art Newspaper's 2005 census - the highest, in fact, since the annual tally was launched a decade ago ________________________________________________________________________ GLOBAL PANDEMIC NEWS - live news feeds & information on the spread of Bird Flu" ________________________________________________________________________ ** Underground Railroad museum $5.5M in red A national museum commemorating the Underground Railroad is $5.5 million in the red just 18 months after opening, and officials said they will seek public money to continue operations ** Museum Vaults Display Antique Oddities People who have never tried to cook with a posset pot or coax music from a glass harmonica can visit a new exhibit at the museum of the Daughters of the American Revolution and find out how it's done ** Lie back and think of England Constable's aversion to Old Master-ish mannerisms helps account for the incredible freshness of his pictures, which struck his contemporaries as well ** Museum buys surplus sub for $4 A Rimouski museum has bought itself a submarine for the princely sum of $4, plus tax ** Satellite truck gets place in museum The building is far from finished, but Newseum curators recently installed their first artefact - an item so big they'll put up the rest of the museum around it ** Unrest at Junior Museum Some current or recently departed employees of the museum, who are paid by the city, said the only changes they've experienced have been negatives ** Museum Victoria reveals Opening Ceremony ** Public Archaeology Field School ** Medieval Exchanges All this and more for you at Global Museum - See the latest museum JOBS, BOOKSHOP, RESOURCES, HOT JOB TIPS, great people posting their RESUMES, FORUM, Cheap and reliable WORLD TRAVEL, Museum Accredited Courses, Products & Services. 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